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September 01, 2022
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Sahof Video Request Submission Form

This is the SAHOF Video Review Submission Form. Please complete the form in its entirety. Prior to filling out the form, you can view the SAHOF Video Review policy by clicking here and going to page 18, Addendum 5 of the SAHOF Rules & Regulations document.

Please note this important excerpt from the SAHOF Rules & Regulations: Addendum 5, 5b:

  • Only videos submitted or endorsed by an Association Hockey Director or Executive leadership (eg. President of the Association) will be reviewed.



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Below are the instructions on how to upload the video and scoresheet to our server. Before uploading, be sure to name the file descriptively. Be sure to include your name and the Game Number in the filename. If not SFHL, then include your name and the date of the incident.

1. Click here to be taken to

2. SIGN IN (top right corner) using the following credentials. Username:   Password: SAHOFVR!!!

3. On the left side menu, click on CLOUD DRIVE.

4. Click on the VIDEO REVIEW SUBMISSIONS folder

5. You can either drag the video and scoresheet files (these should be 2 separate files) onto the iDrive page or you can click on the UPLOAD FILE icon on the iDrive file page and upload the files this way.













Addendum 5 - SAHOF VIDEO REVIEW POLICY (revised: 8/15/22. updated: 6/26/21)

1. Introduction
a. The use of video in hockey has become increasingly prevalent, along with the quality of available
technology. Many teams involve the use of video technology as a teaching or player/team development tool, in
addition to parents or family members recording games for personal use. With that in mind, SAHOF viewing of such
videos for situations that may occur during a game continues to be a recurring issue.

2. Purpose
a. In the interest of supporting SAHOF in arriving at the most informed decision with respect to protests, appeals, and
other matters, the information gathering process may include any number of sources including but not restricted to
personal interviews, parties directly involved in or witness to the event/incident, as well as technical subject matter
experts from USA Hockey and/or SAHOF. In consideration of this, there may be instances where video evidence
may form part of the available information. SAHOF acknowledges that video evidence may possibly support the
decision makers, and as such, may consider it in the decision-making process, where appropriate.

3. On-Ice Official Judgment
a. By way of this policy, SAHOF wishes to communicate its position on when it is appropriate and responsible
to use video review:

  • USA Hockey Rulebook Rule 502 (a) begins by stating: “The “REFEREE” shall have general supervision of the game and his decision shall be final in all matters occurring before, during or after the game. The roleof the official is to “enforce” the rules of the game and in doing so shall have full authority over allparticipants.”

b. It is important to understand that a protest on a referee’s decision will not be considered unless it is outlined
in this policy.

4. Video That May Not Be Reviewed
a. SAHOF will generally not accept the following:

  • i. Videos for the purpose of reviewing goals or disallowed goals.
  • ii. Videos for the purpose of reviewing the conduct or actions of any team or individual player unlessotherwise outlined in this policy.
  • iii. Videos for the purpose of reviewing on-ice officials’ calls or non-calls, nor for the purpose of reviewing the on-ice officials’ penalty selection unless otherwise outlined in this policy. The rationale behind these guidelines is that all on-ice officials have the appropriate rules at their disposal to penalize in these situations.

5. Video That May Be Reviewed
a. SAHOF may review the following:

  • i. Videos for the purpose of identifying the correct player in situations where an incorrect player may have been identified by the on-ice official(s) and issued a penalty resulting in suspension (this does not apply to incorrectly identified players who have been issued a penalty without a suspension).
  • ii. Videos for the purpose of reviewing the conduct of game officials and team staff (coaches, staff, referees).
  • iii. Videos for the purpose of reviewing a game situation that has resulted in an injury to any player whether a penalty was assessed or not. SAHOF may use this video when determining the appropriate length of suspension to any player or players who may have been directly involved in a player being injured whether or not a penalty was assessed at the time of the injury.
  • iv. Videos for the purpose of reviewing a situation where the actions of a game participant could warrant the assessment of a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty, whether or not a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty was actually assessed by the on-ice officials at the time of the act being committed.
  • v. Videos for the purpose of reviewing the conduct of spectators or parents. 

b. Only videos submitted or endorsed by an Association or Team will be reviewed.

c. Video, if available, may be requested or sourced by SAHOF at any time to aid in its decision making around onor off-ice conduct.

6. Submission Process
a. A review will be considered jointly by a member of the SAHOF Discipline Committee (or SFHL Commissioner if review submission originated from an SFHL game), Florida State Referee-In-Chief and the SAHOF Executive Director, when the following has been submitted by the respective Association or Team to the SAHOF Disciplinary Coordinator:

  • i. A copy of the video in its entirety. The unedited version MUST be included in the submission. The video must also include footage from the faceoff before the act that is being looked at, through the faceoff after the act that is being looked at, as well as any additional footage requested by the video review committee from any other part of the game.
  • ii. A deposit of $100.00 (this deposit is refundable only in instances in which the video review appeal is successful in whole or in part). Should the appeal be denied or ruled inconclusive, the deposit is forfeited to SAHOF to be donated to the American Red Cross.
  • iii. A copy of the scoresheet.
  • iv. The submission takes place within 72 hours of the game in question (start time of the game) or 72 hours after a suspension has been issued, whichever occurs later.
  • v. Submission form is properly filled out with a detailed statement regarding what is being appealed.

b. The maximum allowable requests from any single team within a member association shall be three (3) per season.

7. Review Procedure
a. During intake, the video review may include but is not limited to:

  • i. Consultation with or referral of the matter to another SAHOF Board member (or SFHL Commissioner for incidents occurring during an SFHL game) if necessary.
  • ii. Referral of the matter to the SAHOF Discipline Committee for resolution. This may result in the assessment of supplementary discipline for any infraction committed during such activity by any player(s) or team official(s) whether or not such infraction has been previously penalized by the referee.
  • iii. Consultation with any other individuals as deemed appropriate (i.e. players involved, team officials, on-ice officials, etc.).

b. After review, SAHOF will make one of the following determinations regarding the original matter:

  • i. The review is conclusive in that the act being reviewed either: a. warrants a suspension in cases where a suspension was not assessed, in which case, a suspension will be levied against the offending player, OR b. warrants a suspension in addition to the suspension assessed, in which case, additional supplemental discipline will be levied against the offending player.
  • ii. The review is conclusive in that the appropriate call or non-call was made by the officials and thus the suspension(s) as a result of the penalty/penalties or non-suspensions remain in effect and unchanged.
  • iii. The review is conclusive in that a suspension is not warranted and thus any suspension(s) will be rescinded and the person under review is to be re-instated immediately.
  • iv. The review is inconclusive. A review may be deemed inconclusive if the video recording does not provide a sufficiently clear view of the incident. Therefore, any decisions and/or suspension(s) resulting from a penalty or penalties assessed will remain in effect.

c. The review is final and shall not be subject to any further appeal.

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Should your submission request not be upheld, the $100 deposit payment will be forfeited and donated by SAHOF to the American Red Cross.